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Clinton’s FBI Interview Being Sent to House For Possible Perjury

Hillary Rodham Clinton is so close to being president but today it appears she may be far off her desired target.

This all stems from a tiny e-mail server at her personal residence which she used to email State Department emails.

She is not the first person to do it as both Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice did so as well. However Clinton has admitted she broke the law and has been under investigations from the State Department to the FBI.

One of the main issues involves missing emails that Clinton deemed personal and did not turn over when she turned over some 35,000 documents.

After review by the State Department and the FBI along with previous meetings with the House and Congress, the FBI ultimately decided in late July early August not to pursue legal charges against Clinton.

Yes she did break the spirit of the law but supposedly not the letter of the law.

Well you always need to know who your enemies are, and Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks is one of Clinton’s biggest enemies.

His carefully timed release of Clinton’s emails during the DNC and last week have created havoc for Clinton. Assange hates Clinton as he has sought political asylum to a third world country in London for supposed rape as well as child molestation charges. Clinton has been one of the biggest ardent supporters of extraditing Assange to be tried in the US under our legal system.

Assange minces not a word, when he speaks of bringing down Clinton and last week released more emails that this time showing perhaps a conflict between Clinton and her role as Secretary of State and the Clinton Foundation.

Under her terms of being Secretary of State Clinton promised to step away completely from the Clinton Foundation.

Assange is scheduled to continue to release inciting emails through the election in a personal effort to bring Clinton down.

Last week members of the House with whom Clinton met two years ago to review this issue asked for copies of the FBI report it took in an interview with Clinton in July.

They are questioning Clinton’s responses to certain questions they supposedly asked her and want to review the FBI report for signs of perjury.

The FBI has been at a stalemate with this interview which has been deemed highly classified.

Today the FBI decided to hand over the interview taken under oath to the House members for review.

This is nothing but a perfect storm unfortunately for Clinton who is dominating the election in every way and is up in all the polls with Trump inflicting daily gaffes upon himself, and polling margins increasing weekly in every demographic for Clinton.

Between the House Republicans and Julian Assange the perfect storm to deny Clinton the very office she is so close to occupying is a brutally bad stroke of luck.

I believe Clinton is no fool, and I am sure she chose her words very carefully in both meetings with the House two years ago and late last month with the FBI.

Only Clinton knows how this is going to go-the added scrutiny of the general public towards her trustworthiness is being tested again and again.

Thankfully for Clinton if she is not charged with perjury she has no competition in the Don. Clinton is chomping at the bit for those presidential debates.

Let’s hope for everyone’s sake this lightening rod created by Assange disappears and it will remain the most notorious election ever for the United States.